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Our teams are all industry professionals (lighting, audio engineering, entertainment, performing, marketing, etc.) and have joined together to share our love of music and entertaining.  Some of our most popular packages are below, with custom quotes available!  We feature 6 customizable packages: Lite, Standard, Extended, Club, and Festival.  We also have Contract options for bars, and A'la Carte options for custom requirements!

Lite Package

When you're looking for a system that is affordable and quick to set up, our Lite package is an excellent way to go!  With our Lite system, you have plenty of power and sound in a small package.  This system is great when budget or space is a concern, and is perfect for corporate seminars, small shows, house parties, and space conscious shows.  As with all of our packages, you can customize our Lite package with additional options.  The Lite package includes:

  • Up to 3 hours of music
  • 2 QSC K12 main speakers
  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • Behringer xAir Wireless Board
  • Setup, Take down, and travel included*
  • Additional hours $100/hr
  • Basic Lighting $100 add'l



Standard Package

Whether you are looking for some dancing at your Wedding, trying to find a fantastic new remix of Hava Nagila for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or seeking smooth tones for your corporate Christmas party, there is no reason why you should have to settle for anything less than the best!  Our Standard package features a powerful system with plenty of sound, and has been popular everywhere from glass blowing studios to the side of a space shuttle (we're not kidding)!  The Standard package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of music
  • 2 QSC K12 main speakers
  • 1 QSC K18 subwoofers
  • 2 Wireless Microphones
  • Behringer xAir Wireless Board
  • Setup, Take down, and travel included*
  • Basic Lighting Included (gig bar)
  • Custom Designed Playlist
  • Additional hours $100/hr



Extended Package

Do you need more flexibility than our Standard package can afford?  Our extended package is a great step-up option.  With 4 main speakers, our extended package is excellent when you want a good volume of sound or speakers at more than one location.  This system is perfect for folks looking for simultaneous dance floors and announcement systems, or who need to make sure that there is a large amount of audio coverage at an event.  Our Extended package includes:

  • Up to 4 hours of music
  • 4 QSC K12 main speakers
  • 2 QSC K18 subwoofers
  • 2 Wireless/2 lapel Microphones
  • Behringer xAir Wireless Board
  • Setup, Take down, and travel included*
  • Standard Lighting Included (Lighting truss/tree or 2 gig bars)
  • Custom Designed Playlist
  • Additional hours $75/hr



Club Package

When you are putting on professional production without needing something as large as our Festival package, our Club Package brings together many of our best elements and equipment to put on a top-end production!  Featuring a full range of speakers and subs, our extended lighting package, and more performance hours than our lighter packages, the Club Package is great for large parties, weddings, public events, and much more!  Our Club Package includes:

  • Up to 6 hours of music
  • 4 QSC K12 main speakers
  • 2-4 QSC K18 subwoofers
  • 2 QSC KW153 main speakers
  • 4 Wireless/Lapel Microphones
  • Extended Lighting: 2 lighting trusses, 12 pars, 2 gig bars, 2 hazers, 1 mega bar
  • Behringer xAir Wireless Board
  • Custom Designed Playlist
  • Additional hours $50/hr
  • Setup, Take down, and travel included*


Festival Package

When you want to put on a live production, quality is always a key point of concern.  WIth Alchemy Entertainment, you have an experienced, seasoned crew to load in, set up, operate, and break down at the end of the night.  We've handled local band shows and outdoor festivals, and we've got completely customizable systems to meet your needs.  Available equipment includes:

  • QSC KW153 speakers
  • QSC K18 subwoofers
  • QSC K12 speakers
  • JBL EON powered monitors
  • 6 wireless/12 Wired mics
  • HD projectors + screens
  • Lighting Trusses & Trees
  • (12) Par 86 LED cans
  • (12) Par 9x10 LED lights
  • (20) Par 36 LED cans
  • American DJ LED light bars
  • Chauvet Hazer + Fog Systems
  • Chauvet Laser Lighting System
  • Chauvet IQ Light Systems
  • Behringer X32 Digital Boards
  • Chauvet DMX Control System
  • 40" HD screens
  • Much more!

$3000.00/Starting per Day



Karaoke/DJ/Game Nights

How many times have bar and club owners looked around on a weekend night and asked why people are leaving early?  Have you ever asked yourself about finding alternative entertainment?  With our karaoke, DJ, or game nights, we bring a positive level of entertainment to your venue on a weekly or monthly basis.  We work with your staff to attract the "top shelf" crowd, so that you can keep your patrons entertained without worrying about bringing in a bouncer.  Our Entertainment package include:

  • Up to 4 hours of music
  • DJ Lite System included
  • Over 44,000,000 DJ tracks
  • Over 330,000 Karaoke Tracks
  • Karaoke-On-Demand libraries
  • Wireless microphones
  • 14+ Game options
  • 2 screens included
  • Live Social Media streaming available (in some locations)
  • Custom advertisement design included (excludes print costs)**

$225.00/night (with contract) | $300/night (single)


Custom Setup Options

Are you looking for something uniquely your own?  Many of our A’la Carte product options are listed below, for you to build the perfect setup that fits your needs (3 hrs base, drive time not included, 50% of listed price/hr additional):

  • $350 - (2) QSC K12’s
  • $275 - (1) QSC K18 Subwoofer
  • $475 - (2) QSC K153’s
  • $150   - (1) Gig Bar light
  • $500 - (1) Full light truss

            Incl. 6 par, 1 starburst

  • $250 - (1) T-bar truss

            Incl. 3 pars

  • $100 - Uplighting (4 pars)
  • $200 - (2) wireless mic’s
  • $200 - (2) wireless lapels
  • $75   - (1) wired mic
  • $75   - 30" Digital HD Screen
  • $300 - 42" Digital HD Screen
  • $350 - HD Projector & Screen
  • $75   - Custom Slideshow
  • $50   - (1) Chauvet Hazer + Fluid
  • $200 - Karaoke system w/  screen
  • $700 - Festival wired mics
  • $750 - x32 Board Custom setup
  • $150 - xAir12 Board Custom setup
  • $75   - Custom playlist
  • $350 - Custom lighting programs
  • $.40/mi - Extra Drive Time

Discounts Available for Schools & Non-Profits!

*Travel costs are included up to 25 miles each way from 98270.  Additional time billed at $0.45/mi or $30/hr, whichever is less.  Set up and take down costs included up to 2.5 total hours for all packages, except Festival, which includes 5 hours per day.  Additional time billed at $50/hr for all packages except Festival, billed at $90/hr.

**Custom advertisement design includes up to 2 hours of design time.  Files provided include one PDF at 8.5x11" and 11x17", and 3 jpg files sized for social media placement.  Printing options available; price quoted on per project basis.  We also offer custom banners, backdrops, stickers, and much much more!  E-mail us for more information!

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